United States of America

These are standard requirements for a USA visitor/businessman non-Immigrant visa.

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Visa requirements: USA
1. Online Visa Application form completed and signed
2. Passport – must be valid for 3 months
3. 2x recent colour Passport photo’s 50x50mm
4. Detailed itinerary showing every entry and exit
5. Proof of transport into USA if not flying directly into USA, eurail ticket, Easy Jet ticket etc.
6. Proof of accommodation (hotel booking, proof of payment of tour etc). If applicant will be staying with family or friends they must produce copies of their identification as well as proof of their residence in the USA. Also if staying in other countries proof of accommodation in those countries are also required
7. Travel insurance.
8. Proof of funds for the duration you will be in the United States –credit card statement with name and indication of credit limit and availability
9. Employment letter stating dates of leave or if business stating what the nature of business will be in USA. If self employed a letter from your Chartered Accountant if not then CC papers.
10. If business then the letter of invitation from USA company stating nature of business
11. Marriage certificate
12. South African Police clearance