For those in the travel industry who work with visas on a daily basis or even the infrequent flyer, quality visa processing is about a superior blend of logistical support, technical visa knowledge and service driven visa tracking and communication to the client.

We recognise that travel arrangements are time definite, often compounded by critical deadlines. Moreover a passport is a critical document that requires secure hand-to-hand movement and traceability every step of the way.

Visalogix is a fully fledged national visa courier with strategic hubs in the two major centres of Cape Town and Gauteng, where virtually all of the consular offices are located.

We provide a total hand-to-hand visa courier and messenger solution in Cape Town and Gauteng:

Visa Tracking

At each key stage of the movement of your passport and visa process we will communicate with you via our visa tracking platform.

We will email you updated status reports of the visa application prior to our return delivery of the duly endorsed passport and visa.

Validation Services

For those travellers who prefer to procure the application form themselves we offer a validation service as part of our visa courier service to ensure that prior to lodging the application it is complete and complies with the technical requirement as laid down by the various Consular offices.

For a nominal fee should you wish to utilise our services prior to lodging on your behalf we will validate you application to ensure the accuracy of same.

In this way you are assured of technical compliance thereby eliminating rejections in the application procedure and possibly disrupting your intended travel plans.